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Who Monitors Your Utility

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As a regulated public utility, AWWU is closely monitored by a number of regulatory agencies and regulations promulgated by those agencies. The drinking water system is primarily regulated under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act as adopted by the State of Alaska (SOA). The wastewater discharges are regulated under the federal Clean Water Act and the SOA regulations. Air emissions are regulated under the Clean Air Act as adopted by the SOA.  Operation of the Utility including tariffs and rates are regulated by the Regulatory Commission of Alaska.

  • Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) is the primary enforcement arm which ensures AWWU complies with all drinking water standards and certifies treatment operators and water treatment facilities. In addition, ADEC regulates the discharges from the Girdwood and Eagle River Wastewater Treatment Facilities and the Air Emissions Program at the Asplund Wastewater Treatment Facility.
  • United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets national public drinking water standards, national water quality standards, and national air emissions standards. In addition, the EPA regulates the discharge for the Asplund Wastewater Treatment Facility and the Sewage Sludge Incineration program at Asplund. AWWU meets or exceeds all national drinking and wastewater standards.
  • Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA) must approve all changes to AWU and ASU Tariffs, including rates, before being implemented by the Utility.The RCA will publish a notice for a tariff change requested by the Utility and allows for a 30 day public comment period prior to making a decision. For inquiries to the RCA please call (907) 276-6222. If you live outside of Anchorage please call 1-800-390-2782.