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Water & Sewer Service Connection Permits

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We require permits and inspections for all new water and sewer service connections as well as repairs or abandonment during demolition. You may apply for AWWU Water and Sewer Service Connection Permits by email AWWUFieldServices@Awwu.Biz or call (907) 564-2762.

Water and Sewer Service Permit Instructions

Water and Sewer Service Connections and Extensions, Disconnect and Repair Permits may be obtained by contacting the AWWU Field Service Office at (907) 564-2762 or by e-mailing Permits may be applied for and paid for over the phone using a Visa or MasterCard.

Please review the following for additional information regarding permitting of water and sewer service line connections:

  • Please carefully read the conditions and regulations shown on the back of Water and Sewer Service Connection Permits. If you have any questions, please contact the AWWU Field Service Office. 
  • AWWU Field Services will require an owner’s signature on any water or sewer service connection permit if, during our review, we discover there are any pending water or sewer assessments.
  • You may only apply for Single Family and Duplex water and sewer service connection permits. 
  • If the structure is on a private well, the well must be physically disconnected from the plumbing system and the well must be abandoned per Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Standards prior to AWWU personnel turning the water on. 
  • Commercial/Industrial and Residential over two units require engineered plans that must be reviewed and approved by AWWU. See Private Systems for more information concerning these types of water and sewer service connections. 
  • Water Tariff and UPC requires 1" water services for all new single family residences and duplexes from water main to proposed structure.
  • Underground, outside the foundation on-property repairs to municipal water and/or sewer services require a permit and inspection prior to backfill, including outside clean-out excavation and repairs. 
  • If you intend to demolish a structure connected to municipal water and sewer lines, you must obtain water and sewer service disconnect permits. AWWU requires the water service be disconnected at the water main and the sewer service be cut and capped at property line. 
  • If you are replacing pipe to make repairs to water or sewer service lines on commercial property, AWWU Field Services may require engineered drawings. 
  • You will find approved material types and sizes for water and sewer lines in the AWWU Design and Practices Manual on our website. 
  • The Municipality of Anchorage Standard Specifications may be found at the following website: