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Special Assessments

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A special assessment, also referred as an assessment, is a property’s prorated share of the costs to construct public improvements such as water and/or sanitary sewer main extensions, pursuant to Rules 8 of the Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility (AWWU) Tariffs, Title 19 of the Anchorage Municipal Code (AMC), and Titles 29 and 42 of the Alaska Statutes (AS). The property’s share of the costs may, or may not, include the cost of service connection from the main extension to the property line.

More Information Regarding Assessments on Your Property

For questions regarding why you are being levied or assessed, please contact the following:

AWWU Planning and Assessments (907) 564-2716

Special Assessments Billing and Payments

 AWWU bills and collects payment for all special assessments levied by the Municipality of Anchorage.


The billing of special assessments depends on the approval of the levy of assessments and the payment schedule by the Anchorage Assembly.   Once levied, payments for special assessments are due the last day of the month in which they are billed.

 A Special Assessment Administrative Fee (SAAF) is an annual fee posted to each active assessment account pursuant to Anchorage Municipal Code 19.20.265(B) to defray the Utility’s cost of administering the account. 

An assessment (or the first installment of an assessment) is due:
1. at the time stated in the resolution levying the assessment; or
2. at the time determined under the water and/or sewer main extension agreement.


Special Assessment payments can be made in one lump sum or multiple annual installments according to the payment schedule approved by the Anchorage Assembly. 

  • The principal balance of an assessment payable in installments shall bear interest from the date the first installment is due.

  • Assessments payable in installments shall incur a SAAF applied to each annual installment (bill).

  • A penalty shall be added to any assessment or assessment installment not paid before the date of delinquency.


Method of Payment

Payment can be made in person or by mail.  In person payments are accepted at AWWU or Municipality of Anchorage City Hall Treasury.  To mail in your payment, please address it to:

AWWU Special Assessments
3000 Arctic Boulevard
Anchorage, AK 99503

Payment can be made with personal check, cash, money order, or cashier check.  Credit and debit cards are not accepted.

For payments of assessments on the Municipality’s foreclosure list, we will only accept: Cash, money order, or cashier check.

Property owners delinquent in Year 2019 special assessments are facing foreclosure, and are included on the 2020 Annual Notice of Foreclosure Publication. 

More Information

If you need billing, payment, current balance, payoff, foreclosure, deed, or lien release information, please contact AWWU Special Assessments at or (907) 786-5544.

For questions regarding assessments other than water and wastewater, please contact the following:

Municipality of Anchorage Project Management and Engineering(907) 343-8446

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