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Facts about our infrastructure

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Reliable Infrastructure is the Backbone of AWWU Operations

tudor-elmore-repairThere Is A Fortune In Buried Treasure Below Ground

  • 1,600 miles of underground pipeline (4-inch to 78-inch in diameter)
  • Three wastewater facilities (Asplund, Eagle River and Girdwood)
  • Two surface drinking water treatment plants (Eklutna and Ship Creek)
  • 14 active wells, 22 water reservoirs
  • 34 Booster stations, 7,200 fire hydrants
  • 38 wastewater pump/lift stations
  • 2 septage receiving stations
  • 17,000 pieces of rotating equipment
  • Total book value = greater than $800 million
  • Replacement value = more than $8 Billion

30-inch-pipe-leakThe Importance of Maintenance and Upkeep

  • Pipe failures lead to expensive emergency responses.