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Design and Construction Practices Manual

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The criteria and practices set forth in this manual are the minimum standards for sanitary sewer and water improvements within the Municipality of Anchorage. The criteria are derived from industry principles and practices, and criteria and practices of the latest version of Federal and State Regulations; Water and Wastewater Tariffs; Municipal Law; and Municipality of Anchorage Standard Specifications (MASS).

In consideration of rapid changes in technology and/or construction practices, AWWU will amend this manual on an as-needed basis. AWWU will provide dates and links to the addendum on this internet web site as they are developed.

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Supporting Documents

Municipality of Anchorage Standard Specifications

AWWU uses the most currently adopted version of Municipality of Anchorage Standard Specifications (MASS). Contractors, design professionals, and project managers should be aware of MASS details such as those attached and other relevant details to be found in AWWU DCPM and current MASS publication.

AWWU Standard Drawings & CAD Standards

AWWU utilizes and requires the CAD standards as shown in the following attachments. CAD standards are the set of requirements for the way computer aided design drawings should appear. This standardization of drawings allow for improved productivity, review, approval and interchange between AWWU and external consultants.

Supporting Documents

Industrial Control Drawings and Tag Conventions

The SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) ICS drawings and Tag Conventions supplied as attachments are excerpted from the DCPM. These attachments are a reference for the design professional. Specific information and details are to be found in the DCPM and industry accepted sources.

Supporting Documents

AWWU CSI Specifications

AWWU utilizes Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) specifications and format in its contracts. CSI is a national organization that keeps and changes the standardization of construction language, specifications, and formatting of contracts as they pertain to the building/construction industry. Standards for much of the equipment used by AWWU are outlined in the following attachments:

Supporting Documents

HDPE Details

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is a thermoplastic material for which its high strength to density ratio makes it an option for use as corrosion resistant pipe. AWWU allows the use of HDPE with prior approval per the DCPM.

Supporting Documents