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Sewer Service FAQs

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  • Who do I call if my sewer backs up?

    • Call the plumbing or sewer line cleaning company of your choice to determine if the problem is in your service line. Your service line runs between your structure and our sewer main.

    • According to Tariff, it is the property owner’s responsibility to keep their service line thawed and free of obstructions.

    • If the problem is determined by a professional line cleaner or plumber to be in the sewer main and NOT in your service line, have the line cleaner/plumber call AWWU Customer Service 24 hours a day, 564-2700 to discuss your particular situation.

    • Indications that the sewer main may be blocked:

      • Sewage gushing in even though no one in the building is using any water.
      • Neighbors in your building or on the same side of your street are having the same problem.
      • Water coming out of sewer manhole (not storm drain) near your structure.
  • Is my home or building connected to AWWU’s sanitary sewer system?

    Call AWWU Customer Service during AWWU office hours.

  • How much does it cost to install a sewer tap?

    A sewer connection installed all the way from the main line to the structure varies as much as the different contractors do. The cost of the tap has a direct relationship to the cost the contractor charges to dig the trench and install the pipe. The installation of a sewer service line that is already "stubbed" to the property line is normally less expensive only because there is less pipe to be installed. The only fixed charge is the permit fee that includes an inspection of the installed pipe.

  • Who pays for damage, cleanup and repairs?

    • Either you or your insurance company provided you have a sewer backup policy.
    • AWWU has a policy to assist you with the clean up if the blockage occurs in the main line. If the blockage is in the service line (on private property), it’s the homeowner’s responsibility.
    • AWWU does not pay for repairs or damages. Most blockages are caused by improper discharges into the system.
    • Wise use of the sewer system and some simple preventive maintenance will help safeguard the system and reduce costs for everyone.