Meters and Permit FAQs

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  • How much does it cost to install a meter?

    The cost of meter installation is dependent on the size of the meter. The average installation cost for an average home or business, with very little retrofitting, is about $350.00. Costs can vary greatly as every building has its unique requirements.

  • How do I go about getting a water meter?

    • First, you have to be eligible to receive one. All commercial and multi residential units (four units or more) are required to have a meter.

    • Duplexes and triplexes have the option to have a meter installed and be billed based on water consumption.

    • If you have a single-family residence you may request to have a test meter installed in your home, but you will not be billed based upon your water consumption. You will be billed a residential flat rate.

    • To obtain a meter, stop by our Customer Service Counter during AWWU office hours; we will be glad to speak with you about it.

  • My meter indicates I've used more water than normal, what is going on?

    In over 90 percent of the cases of higher than normal water usage, the cause is a leaky toilet. Toilets can pass a tremendous amount of water straight into the sewer, which is why you may not see any evidence of a leak.

  • Can meters over register water usage?

    Most water meters are positive displacement devices. They cannot register usage unless water under pressure flows through them. The only way a meter will over register is if the incorrect register (totalizer) is installed. This happens very rarely and can be easily verified if there is a question. Water meters fail by slowing down and eventually stopping.

  • When do I need a permit?

    A permit is required for all work done on all underground water or sewer lines and their appurtenances such as keyboxes, fire hydrants, manholes or cleanouts regardless if the lines are located on or off property. A permit is also required for obtaining water from a fire hydrant. Call AWWU Customer Service at (907) 564-2762 for questions on permit requirements, for multi-family and commercial premises may need engineered plans.

  • How are water meters sized?

    AWWU determines the size of the meter. The Utility sizes meters based on the customer's "probable peak water demand", not by service line size.