Utility Report Card

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Performance. Value. Results.

AWWU believes that reporting on our performance is an important element of transparency in our operations.  We are continually working to develop tools for measuring the levels of service that we provide and establish quantitative expectations for our customers.

For several years now, we have participated in a Municipality of Anchorage Program known as “Performance. Value. Results.” Our part in this program reports six different metrics associated with our ability to ensure reliable service, safeguard public health, and protect the environment. 

These include measures for:

  1. Compliance with environmental regulatory monitoring efforts
  2. Responding to water service disruptions
  3. Minimizing spills and back-ups from sanitary sewers
  4. Providing a safe work environment
  5. Efficient execution of our capital construction program
  6. Achieving an acceptable balance of debt and equity from a financial perspective 

AWWU Performance. Value. Results. 3rd Quarter 2019 Report