If you are having difficulty meeting financial obligations due to the Coronavirus, please contact AWWU for payment arrangements call (907) 564-2700 or click here.

AWWU Directory

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Municipality of Anchorage Employee Relations(907) 343-4425
Hydrant Maintenance(907) 550-5914
Customer Service(907) 564-2700
Customer Service Administration(907) 564-2726
Engineering Planning Front Counter(907) 564-2739
Hydrant Permits(907) 564-2762
Main Line Locates(907) 564-2762
On Property Inspections(907) 564-2762
On Property Locates(907) 564-2762
Permits(907) 564-2762
24-Hour Emergency (907) 564-2762
Engineering Administration(907) 564-2774
Finance Accounts Payable(907) 786-5527
Administrative Services(907) 786-5538
Special Assessments(907) 786-5544