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AWWU And Its Employees Attract National Attention

Post Date:01/26/2018 11:01 am

Fire hydrant Systems Maintenance Foreman, Earl Stewman, was featured in an article titled Alaskan Hydrant Ops Foreman Fights Elements for Public Safety, in Treatment Plant Operator Magazine. Utilityman III crewmembers Marshall Kennon and Christopher Blastick also contributed to the article explaining how AWWU’s Hydrant Crew maintains more than 7,400 hydrants, and keeps them in working order, battling the elements to ensure public safety, while building an award winning career.

The Municipal Sewer & Water Magazine featured the challenges AWWU overcomes to provide water for Anchorage, Chugiak, Eagle River and Girdwood. Stating, “It’s the most complicated water system in the world,” Joe Polowy, AWWU Water Distribution Superintendent, explained about keeping water flowing from source water that’s more than 20 miles from most of its customers, burying waterlines 10-feet or deeper to avoid freezing, and coordinating distribution through 70 different pressure zones. Also featured were Guy Miller, Treatment Plant Operations Foreman, Gene Biever, Girdwood Wastewater Treatment Facility Superintendent, Brian Yonkoske, Eklutna Water Treatment Facility Superintendent, Rob Rose, System Maintenance Foreman, James Armstrong, P.E., Project Management Superintendent, and Todd Carroll, P.E., Civil Engineer III.

Treatment Plant Operator Magazine called attention to Andrew Johnson, AWWU's Water Quality Analyst, in an article, Water Quality Analyst Finds Success Meeting Challenges Head-On, and his accomplishments in outperforming permit requirements and serving the community which helped him as he was honored with the distinction of Laboratory Analyst of the Year Award from the Alaska Water Wastewater Management Association in the large systems category.