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F.O.G. Busters named MOA Work Group of the Year

Post Date:03/28/2019 3:39 pm
Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility is proud of the F.O.G. Busters being named Municipality of Anchorage's Work Group of the Year for 2018.
One of the major obstacles AWWU faces every day is the issue of the disposal of Fats, Oil, and Grease (F.O.G.) into our sewer systems. When these materials accumulate in the sewers, we see effects at our treatment plants, we see increased maintenance of our sewer lines, and we see threats to public health and the environment that could occur from sewer backups and sanitary sewer overflows. The AWWU F.O.G. Busters group has developed educational materials, performed compliance inspections, worked with customers to understand what compliance means, issued Notices of Violation to Food Service Establishments, worked with Anchorage Health Department to update MOA Code, and deployed innovative technology to monitor our collection system, which led to a drastic reduction in sanitary sewer overflows.
Congratulations to the entire F.O.G. Busters team, Tim Forbus, Mario Croce, Steve Gaither, Scott Ibarra, Timothy Wilson, Douglas Sandberg, Marty Boag, Toetasi Fosi, Jason Love, James Voeller, Sandy Parr, Ruth Keller, Karen Bell, and Sarah Fry.FOG Busters 1
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